what fascinates us in the harbor is the big scale and abstract form of many of the objects. Even if there is a urban scale in terms of the streets, structures like the silos, the cylindrical tanks, the big conveyor belt, the sand mountains and the ships are introducing this big scale which is comes from the ships and the open sea.

seesaw and swing
the two objects that we are introducing to the harbor, do have this ambiguous scale. Both objects are built from wooden beams, which we found in the harbor. Those 12 meter long oak tree pillars had been used as poles in the water for years. Our intention is to just reassemble this found objects, and bring them into an new function, without changing there appearance, or even cutting them. They will be placed along the beach, about 50 meters apart, as singular objects with no other scale giving context. One horizontal and one vertical object, both challenging gravity and connecting to the horizon of the open sea. All connection details will be manufactured as simple steel elements coated with a silver gray zinc coating that matches with the gray oak beams. The hight of the swing and the weight of the seesaw beams will twist the ordinary experience of swinging and riding a seesaw slightly.


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