A project made by raumlaborberlin and onoff


In collaboration with the Welcome Festival


Photos : onoff


We are living troubled times in Europe. The economic crisis has been followed by a severe refugee crisis which has led to the questioning of the whole european project. Following this, some very worrying narratives have re-surfaced concerning nations, borders and the co-existence of different cultures.

But the question is not wether we will live together through our differences but how.

Are we better separated or together? Do we escape or do we stay on course?


„We are the living symbols of a world without frontiers, a world of freedom, without weapons, where each may travel without let or hindrance from the steppes of central Asia to the Atlantic Coast, from the high plateau of South Africa to the forests of Finland.”

— Vaida Voivod III, President of the World Community of Gypsies

The Great Escape is a „nomadic entertainment facility“ that temporarily injects a metropolitan dynamic in small towns through an array of events fusing culinary experiments, DIY building, alcoholic adventures, and multimedia expressions.

The facility wishes to serve as a vessel of exchange between the metropolitan wanderers and the local folk promoting a space of sharing of cultures and knowledges.

The Great Escape will travel the island from town to town, temporarily occupying public space and quickly deploying a set of activities and spaces for social engagement throughout the day and night. It will then quickly pack up and move on to the next town leaving behind a trail of shared stories, culinary exchanges and wine embued memories.