mont des arts




fundamental acts LOVE

part of urban summer


curated by Traumnovelle, humbble and Katia Trujien

Love is risk, love is beauty, love is decision, love is a permanent challenge. It’s about discovering, leaving behind, opening up, letting in and caring for. It’s transformative, it’s an adventure and a zone de repos (place to rest).


Love is not a stable condition but a fluid relationship, that is recreated each day. It is a possibility.


softbones are some of these. They are the uncanny other, asking for engagement and discovery, for the taking of risk and for transforming their look for others. Placed in public places the softbones are a challenge for everybody to either engage or let them be. If you do engage, you will interact in large scale, soft curves, happy moments.


The softbones explore the lines between image, object and value production today. They are alien beings, generated by humans with care, using 3d tools for modelling and representing. The softbones appear one by one on mont des arts. First comes a softbone in wood, second is the softbone in marble. The third one shows a pink + black checkerboard: a sign in rendering softwares for a missing texture. It’s a visually noisy gap.

Which one will attract you? How will you interact?

We were interested in exploring the possibility of objects, that look strangely attractive and alien, very bodily and very abstact at the same time. They are physical, but not what they first appear to be.


softbones were concieved as a group of 5, for urban brussels the first three were produced.


The softbones are concieved as response to superstudios‘ 5 fundamental acts – the act of LOVE, curated by traumnovelle, humbble and katia trujien as part of urban summer.