Pioniere des Comic – Eine andere Avantgarde

Commissioned by Schirn Kunsthalle



Spectacular, big and in colors the Comic strip conquered its audience in 1897. The middle class, the working class and a large group of immigrants were all fascinated by the unknown visual media that they were introduced to in the American newspapers. The comic strip was the first image in the history of mass media reproduced in millions in a society without television and internet, it was revolutionary.


Spek­ta­ku­lär, groß und in Farbe eroberte der Comic ab 1897 sein Publi­kum. Bürger­tum, Arbei­ter­klasse und das Heer von Einwan­de­rern waren glei­cher­ma­ßen faszi­niert von den unbe­kann­ten Seher­fah­run­gen, die ihnen in den US-ameri­ka­ni­schen Tages­zei­tun­gen begeg­ne­ten. Der Comic war das erste Bild­mas­sen­me­dium der Geschichte, millio­nen­fach repro­du­ziert. In einer Gesell­schaft ohne Fern­se­hen und Inter­net war das revo­lu­tio­när.



The exhibition space is created with the idea of line that runs through the whole exhibition and breaks with the rhythm of frames that is shown with the convexities of boxes assigned to the existing walls. The diagram and the model photos illustrates how the line becomes a three dimensional object.




IMG_8703_mb_60Comic“Dream of the Rarebit Fiend“ by Winsor Mccay. Published in Los Angeles Suntimes 1913