The open raumlabor university is a fictional institution offering workshops, excursions, and open discussions as educational formats. Founded in 2015, it builds upon a long history of learning related formats by raumlaborberlin at the same time offering a new framing for the many participatory and exchange oriented formats of the work. The ORU is part of a wider move to shift from project to practice and essentially seeks to open up a common space for exploration, improvisation and collective experimentation. It focuses on the curiosity and sense of wonder of participants, who will be encouraged to exchange experiences and develop practices together. The open raumlabor university is not fixed in time and space, and its structure and methods will vary with the context of each occurence. The ORU seeks to create a learning environment based on dialogue, deep collaboration and lasting relations. Educational interactions extend beyond the members of the university, to a wider network involving local actors as well as international contacts.