open call – symbiosen

Pina Bausch Zentrum

09 September – 20 September 2023

20 September – 04 October 2023





An invitation to young people, artists, architects, makers to participate in the building process!

deadline September 01, 2023


In front of the Schauspielhaus we will build a wooden pavilion made of reclaimed furniture. We are looking for volunteers to help create this installation! Are you available between 09.09.23 and 20.09.23?
No experience needed! Just bring your enthusiasm!
In addition, Berlin-based artist Raul Walch will lead a series of workshops in which donated fabrics will be repurposed into theatrical garments. All dressed up, we will explore the area surrounding the Schauspielhaus from 18.09.23 to 20.09.23.


09.09.- 20.09.2023

Together we are going to prepare and mount the cladding of the installation. The volunteers will help cutting, painting and screwing pieces and components, creating wood patterns in order to give the installation a colorful and intriguing appeareance.


18.09.- 20.09.2023
Together with the artist Raul Walch we are going to design and create costumes and creatures made of reused textiles such as cloathing, jeans, leather and much more. The participants will help cutting, assembling and sewing.
With the collectively made costumes we are going to create an urban scenography that interact with the architecture installation and the other textile creatures in order to activate the public space of Pina Bausch Zentrum for the Fragile Festival.


09.09.2023: Introduction to the project, creation of working teams
10.09.2023: Team building day (optional)
11.09.- 20.09.2023: construction of the cladding for the installation
18.09.- 20.09.2023: design of textile creatures and sewing of the costumes
20.09.2023, 6pm: opening


If you are interested in participating, send us an E-Mail at the address:


application deadline: 01.09.2023


The workshop is open to a limited number of participants.
In case of a high number of applications, we will ask to send a cover letter and a portfolio for the selection process.
The results of the selection will be communicated by e-mail.



In conjunction with Fragile Festival, raumlaborberlin, together with artist Raul Walch, coordinates participatory workshops creating symbiotic structures and apparel that interact and activate the Schauspielhaus Wuppertal and its immediate surroundings.   A used shipping container previously used for transporting stage design, acts as the fundament for the recycled wooden structure constructed by raumlaborberlin using locally recycled materials. The so-called parasitic architecture titled Symbiosen utilizes the existing framework of the container to build and expand upon. 

Created using discarded wooden furniture from the residents of Wuppertal, demolition or abandoned material Symbiosen reflects on the multiple lives material could have. Moving between treasure and trash depending on placement and situation, the items are repurposed to create a temporary space consisting of a partially painted assemblage with a generous skylight. Together with local participants, raumlaborberlin conceives of novel strategies, processes, and tectonics through which material can be given new purposes such as cleaning, sorting, trimming, painting, stacking, weaving, and linking. 


This community-built pavilion activates the space around the iconic Schauspielhaus by becoming a space of gathering and experimentation and operating as extensions of the theater’s foyer. This establishes a mutualistic symbiosis where the Schauspielhaus offers its surroundings to the installation of a parasitic architecture and where this object attracts people to the area claiming and reasserting the nature of Pina Bausch Zentrum as a public and performative place. In addition, multiple offshoots of Symbiosen will implant themselves upon the Schauspielhaus forming miniature installations hinting at the upcoming transformation of the building’s site. 


Symbiosen reflects on the issue of sustainability and the potential of reusing materials that have become useless: furniture, wall coverings, cupboard floors, individual pieces that used to have value and are now a problem as waste.  Similar to parasitic organisms, we seek structures and connections through which this heterogeneous material can be assembled into new units, defining new relationships of symbiotic coexistence between space, matter and user.



During the opening week of Fragile Festival, Berlin-based artist Raul Walch will lead a multi-day workshop during which donated fabrics will be repurposed into garments for a new day. The participants, dressed for the ‘Zwischenzeit’, reflect upon the building and its slowly changing purpose and outlook during this ‘under construction phase’.
Echoing the sentiment and intent of Symbiosen, a performance exploring the area surrounding the Schauspielhaus will take place. 

The project Symbiosen is open to the public from 20.09.23 until 01.10.23 and is located in front of the Pina Bausch Zentrum in Wuppertal.
Previous to the project opening, a series of workshops is taking place from 09.09 till 20.09 where participants are invited through an open call to take part in the realisation of the pavilion and the urban scenography for the area.