La ciudad imprevista

International student workshop commissioned by La Casa Encendida
Internationaler Studenten-Workshop im Auftrag von La Casa Encendida


mit Urban Accion, Pablo Saiz, Malas Hierbas, Ana Méndez de Andés Aldama, Basurama
und zehn Studenten aus Spanien, Portugal, Österreich, Deutschland und den USA

Construction of a catalytic structure intended to reveal new appropriation and functional potentials within public space; tested and debated with residents and users. We appropriated a fenced-in empty lot in the Lavapies district of Madrid and transformed it into a public Japanese garden with stage and teahouse.

Bau einer katalytischen Struktur, die neue Aneignungs- und Nutzungsmöglichkeiten im öffentlichen Raum eröffnet, sowie ihr Testen und Diskutieren mit Anwohnern und Nutzern. Während des dreitägigen Workshops haben wir uns eine eingezäunte, private Baubrache im Madrider Stadtteil Lavapies angeeignet und diese in einen öffentlichen, japanischen Garten mit Bühne und Teehaus transformiert.

„Everyone who worked on the rehabilitation of embajadores 25 felt like „cracks“ (genius! talented!): julianne, isa, román, daniel, óscar, marta, miguel, ana, pablo, benjamín, lisa, delphine, susana, that neighbor the electrician ,and so did  jesús and paulo.  But most of all the neighbors, neighbors, neighbors. Lavapies marvelous landscape. Without their illusion, encouragement and their „cañi y castizo“ talent from all around the world, we would have never accomplished it.

Now only bulbs, sand, scenario, bench and chairs and overall the icon (the ball) are left. A subtle tea house, which unites all lavapies neighbors: traditional, magrbies, indostanis, africans and chinese. They have remained there so that everyone uses them as they like, understands…
Now it belongs to the neighborhood, so we shall not say more.

If you want to visit the place, you know where it is. We have to mention that at night it’s more impressive.“