HOTEL shabbyshabby

HOTEL shabbyshabby is a cooperation of Theater der Welt 2014, raumlaborberlin, Umschichten, and ARTE Creative

Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms are rarely places you’d gladly fall asleep or wake up in? They often present you with ghastly carpets,antiseptic surfaces, perfidious artworks and dreadfully decorated walls, not to mention a disappointing view and a catastrophic hotel bar. Is it so difficult to design a room where someone would enjoy spending a night? A room that offers a unique view, a divine bed and is as snug a beaver’s den?

In May 2014, we invited all creative geniuses, students of architecture and professionals to a competition in search of a commission to build the hotel room of their dreams. Made from the city of Mannheim’s trash, 22 single hotelcabins with ‚individual comfort‘ were created by 120 people from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, England, Austria and Germany in the purposebuilt construction camp next to the National Theater of Mannheim. From this central hub- the open workshop and camp area- the construction teams spread out into the city, where each group set up and installed one hotelcabin in a selected location around Mannheim: in parks, next to statues, along the banks of the Rhine and the Neckar, on the site of former US barracks and on the roofs of houses. From May 22nd to June 8th (the entire length of the festival “Theater der Welt 2014”) the hotelcabins could be rented for one night by anybody, who has always dreamt of spending “Ferien in Mannheim”.





camp shabby shabby














chalk karte shabby shabby


The Hedonist by Nuno Pimenta, Frederico Tavares de Pinho, Miguel C. Tavares, from Porto





3-Lichter Hotel by Nathalie Fournier, Cécile Roturier, Camille Delaunay, Simon Durand, Benjamin Le Roux, Mathieu Le Roux, from France




Whofoo by Thomas Quack, Alain Yimbou, Benjamin Nast, Jan Bertil Meier, from Düsseldorf





Monumotel by Daniel Segerberg, Verena Resch, Georg Schwarz, David Edward Allen, MPianxg Fproenyg, Munan Ovrelid





Feuer und Flamme by Maria Hofmann, Jacob Frisch, Katharina Haeffner, Lukas Meier, Carolin Reinhardt, Christine Siebert, from Schneeberg




Stadtloge by the collective Kopfgemacht, from Postdam and Berlin




11 Uhr Nachts by Adriano Hellbusch, Daniel Vedder, Jan Wind, from Berlin


11 uhr nachts_2


Hotel Carl by Derk Thijs, Vanessa Gutberlet, Vera Egli, Marc Warrington, Peter Heckeroth, Fjolla Rizvanolli, Luana Paladino, from Zürich




Schlafdom für Theaterpilger by Wiebke Lemme, Nataliya Sukhova, Viktor Hoffmann, Andreas Helm, from Berlin




Mama Peters Löres by Marian Korenika, Nele Faust, Victoria Philip, Barbara Perichtova, Alexandra Besta, Alper Kazokoglu, from Karlsruhe, Bratislava and Wien



Collini Bay Resort by Robin Lang, Wulf Kramer, Timo Amann, from Mannheim





Under my Umbrella by Heinrich Altenmüller, Gini Ganserich, Mathias Komesker, J-dog Günenberg, Alex Terres, Arni Tolna, from Aachen, München, Wien and China




Fairy Tank by Rozenn Balay, François Vaugoyeau, Pierre Yves Guérin, from France


faiy tank


Living Room for the City by Alex Butterworth, Jennifer Gutteridge, Katherine Nolan, Claudia Fragoso, Felix Schaaf, from Berlin and London


living room_2

living room_1


Prinz Käse by Kristina Szeifert und Gizzem Cinar, from Berlin


Fast Sleep Restaurant by collective YA+K, from France




For’rest by Iga Kolozdiej, Natalia Magdalena, Buczkowska, Jan Dowgiallo, Przemek Wos, Anka Zawadzka, from Gdansk and Warsaw




Goldener Flaschenzug by Clemens Bauder, Felix Ganzer, Maximilian Ganzer, Jürgen Haller, from Linz




StattTheater by  Fabian Wolf, Luisa Rubisch, May Kukula, Tal Engel, Marius Schilling, Jan Gehmlich, from Berlin





Paraffin by Adrian Pöllinger and Jonathan Banz, from Zürich mit dem Jugendkulturzentrum FORUM, Mannheim





Tubheim by Benoit Gavard, Pierre-Yves Barron, Glenn Desury, Audrey Vongdara, Alexandre André, from France




Sports Arena by collective YA+K, from France




Hotelbetrieb vom 23.Mai bis 08. Juni

Check-In von 16 – 22.30 Uhr

Zimmerpreis 25 €, keine Ermäßigung





ARTEcreative documentation of HOTEL shabbyshabby:


In the jury for the best designs were:


Gilly Karjevsky, 72 Hour Urban Action, Tel Aviv 

Pedro Gadanho, MoMA, New York

Anne Catherine Fleith, Feld72, Wien

Lukasz Lendzinski, Umschichten, Stuttgart

Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, raumlaborberlin

Alexander Römer, Exyzt, Paris, Berlin

Marjetica Potrc, Artist and Architect, Ljubljana


Jury Selection_4 Bilder