Hilltone is an installation at the Roskildefestival, on of the biggest music festivals in Europe, which functions almost as a temporary city. A scaffolding structure is the base of „Hilltone“ to be integrated with sloping wood surfaces to obtain organic forms.

The area doesn’t offer any specific services but is a “crossing point”. It leads to other areas characterized by certain activities – music, food, shops. The idea is to create some recognizable points on the way that “advertise” different plots behind them. These plots will be made up of i.e. art expos, shops, relaxation areas or just meeting places and will be characterized by distinguished attributes. The main focus of the area will be the road in the middle though as a connector.

The original vision was to collect the whole garbage of the festival and to put in a near place to make a hill, therefore with the passing of the years the hill will become a bigger every year. Roskilde‘s visitors can see every year how high the hill is compared to the last year and they can have an idea of their quantity of garbage for a couple of days. Some years after, when the project is finished, the hill becomes a park to enjoy Roskilde‘s camp and the new landscape.