Fake Estate


Production Team: Albert Martin Tschechne, F.V.D. Johannes Evert, Stefan Klopfer



header images by Luis Krummenacher/S27



FAKE ESTATE was inspired by Gordon Matta Clark. It is an effective tool for urban practice, that reuses the platform of a damaged construction trailer. The new design was conceived to meet the definition of the Building Code for Berlin for buildings that do not require a permit (§61 BauOBerlin). It is a radical statement that Urban Practice is not based on property, we must think about it as agile and tactical. It is an active form that establishes a constant connection to its context and serves at the same time as protected space.


FAKE ESTATE offers basic functions: a large desk, a smaller meeting table and a comfortable couch. The air-conditioned and very bright room has space for 2-3 workstations, and creates a recognizable address. It can be easily taken up by new users. Basic materials for easy implementation and the flexible basic equipment make the space adaptable for quick use and change.


Starting in 2021 at S27 – Art & Education in Kreuzberg, it moved on in 2022 to the HDS – Haus der Statistik in Mitte, to host Zauderbude, a 2-year research project. May it travel and appear in many different situations across the city!
current location: https://www2.hu-berlin.de/stadtlabor/event/zauderbude/

 ©Rebecca Wall/Felix Marlow