Design Studio at INSIDE – the KABK, The Hague

FEB – JUNE 2016
braambergen is a trash site. now it looks green. it features the highest hills of almere / NL. in this design studio, we look at it as a landscape to come, as a place looking for it’s future users and uses. the three interventions by the 8 students in the course adress the place in it’s scale, carefully selecting moments of intervention.



design studio at KABK tutored by markus bader – open raumlabor university, erik jutten, aser gimenez ortega and fokke moerel from MVRDV, lizanne dirkx from superuse studio, anne hoogewoning (theory), invited and coordinated by hans venhuizen (KABK) – thanks to the amazing support of re-func.

the studio is a collaboration between INSIDE / KABK and Afvalzorg – thanks to Erik Kuiper


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