CTM 2020 – interstitial spaces



Anne Hierzi, Benjamin Frick, Esther Bonneau, Frederik Reich, Raimon Sibilio, Zachie Raz-El



Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien

commissioned by the CTM Festival


Photos : raumlaborberlin


raumlaborberlin prepared an exhibition design in tune with this years theme of the CTM 2020 festival – LIMINAL. The scenography resembles an institutionalized, highly functional space for exhibiting art, while simultaneously mirroring this function to create a surreal ambience and to achieve a  loss of control.



CTM Exhibition – Berlin Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien 24.1–15.03.2020


CTM Festival 2020 / LIMINAL





Triangular pillars with one illuminated side shine on each other to provide a well lit exhibition surface. They have sharp edges and are dominantly positioned in the space. Long curtains provide a feeling of softness and security, while also intentionally hiding the passages to other exhibition spaces.


After the visitor discovers a passage to another space,  they enter into a completely different atmosphere. Entering from a very bright space into a completely black tunnel, from a neutral-grey space into a colourful, bright red space, or simply transitioning from the gallery experience of being observant in solitude to coming into an ambience of shared comfort.


The spatial settings throughout the exhibition possess a discontinuity and guide the visitor to question their surroundings, leading to a heightened awareness of themselves in an unexpected environment, leading to a transformative experience switching between the known and the unknown.


The title of the exhibition Interstitial Spaces advocates for the character of liminality in architecture: “Interstitial spaces speak of concrete spaces, supposedly unambiguous, places of transit, transition and change. In their indeterminacy they may welcome experiences of all kinds, but they also allow for the impossible and illusory to take hold. Sometimes they are functional spaces and, as such, places of a strange emptiness—of the inhospitable, of perseverance, of lingering. They speak of the Other, of what seems clear and unambiguous, raising questions, obscuring, and disguising.” quote from CTM Festival