CTM 2015 – Untune

und Fabien Bidaut, Lucie Bellenger, Jordane Coquart, Timo Luitz

For CTM 15 Untune, raumlaborberlin have created a series of unique transitional spaces, focusing on the development of individual atmospheres and colour patterns.

The concept of the exhibition design evolved around the idea of transition from one space to another. This was achieved through a series of repeating actions, such as the use of curtains as a way of indirectly entering a space: thus, the visitor has a sense of discovery every time he enters a new room. Additionally, there is a continuous transition of spaces from darker to lighter, with the dark grey corridor acting as an in-between space, as a link between two opposites.

CTM Entrance (c) raumlaborberlinCorridor & Projection wall (c) raumlaborberlin

There was an emphasis on creating individual spaces for each artwork. This was achieved by identifying the individual spaces and making them more distinct, i.e. making use of the corridor by constructing a wall in the middle for projection use (image above).

Nik Nowak (c) raumlaborberlin

Derek Holzer (c) raumlaborberlinEmptyset (c) raumlaborberlinEmptyset (c) raumlaborberlin




Anita Anckermann (c) raumlaborberlinAnke Eckardt (c) raumlaborberlin

The last section of the exhibition was dedicated to Claire Tolan and her work ‘Always Here For You’ (2015) that addresses the phenomenon of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). ASMR is a percpetual phenomenon that is characterised by a tingling sensation in peripheral regions of the body as a response to audiovisual stimulations.

The projection of such videos required a friendly, relaxing environment. This was achieved through the installation of carpet, the pastel colour of the walls, dim lighting and handmade furniture. The existing glass door was used as a threshold between the corridor and the space, signifying the transition to a ‘warmer’ atmosphere.

The aim was to create the cosy atmosphere of a living room, to which the artist responded by producing a background sound effect asking the visitors to take their shoes off. A feeling of intensity and surveillance, yet in an intimate way, was created, by the positioning of four monitors placed at 45o from the centre, facing in.

Claire Tolan (c) raumlaborberlinClaire Tolan (c) raumlaborberlinASMR Live Performance (c) raumlaborberlin