architecture beyond building – stick on city




11. biennale of architecture, venice


kindly supported by repro ringel Werkstätten für Farbvision und Kommunikation GmbH
in „experimental architecture“ in the padiglione italia
curated by Aaron Betsky & Emiliano Gandolfi
In der Ausstellung „experimental architecture“ im italienischen Pavillon
kuratiert von Aaron Betsky & Emiliano Gandolfi



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One day this summer, one of the godfathers of visionary architecture payed a visit to our studio in Berlin. Dennis Crompton – member and archivist of the group archigram. Amazing, fanciful, quixotic. Undoubtfully they are among our architect-heroes. Dennis talked with us about the scrapyard of visions, the city as responsive system, interactive buildings, good intentions, imaginary cities and the art of architecture that cannot fail.
Stick on city is a responsive drawing, made to be permanently renewed. It is a 12mx2,5m training ground for utopians. Built and unbuilt iconic architectural designs assembled in an imaginary landscape. Visitors can take a tour, then add their own vision by drawing in and simply sticking it into the city!