We are happy to announce the Summer School’s successful ending!

Over the course of ten days in Bruges, Belgium, with a group of students and local youth, we explored the theme of Mobile Units for Immaterial Values. These small, self-contained objects are places for the ongoing construction of the self and the community. They are places for exchanging, debating, finding, and losing; places full of errors and mistakes: places full of life.


The Summer School was organized as part of House of Time, an ongoing project for the Bruges Triennial 2018: Liquid City.


Working in four groups, we began with a period of research and exploration of the city and our site.


Team 1 focused on maintaining and improving our site. A roof of discarded steel barrels and a wooden platform were constructed for outdoor events. Hoisting it onto the wooden frame required the help of every participant—one of the workshop’s highlights.


Team 2 designed and constructed a set of mobile steps, to be used as seating for an open-air cinema. With a playspace for children integrated underneath it, it proved to be the most popular and active spot on the site.


Team 3 created a mobile DJ booth using salvaged materials from the local recycling centre. At it’s peak is a large bell, whose ringing marks the beginning of a great time. Speakers and a mixer were installed into the mobile unit and on the final night we hosted a big party.


Team 4 made a mobile pizza oven with a large dining table. The structure’s expressive roof functions as a rainwater collection system, used for watering the garden.


We’d like to express a warm thank you to all the participants, collaborators, triennial organizers, and local residents for their passion, support, and creativity, without which the project’s success would not have been possible.


Thank you very much, Bruges! We look forward to seeing you again in a future project.