Crowdfunding for Cantiere Barca

Support the Cantiere Barca Youth Center and help it to continue its work!


Cantiere Barca Youth Center is an open creative lab at the north periphery of Turin.

“Our challenge is to give to the children of the suburbs the same opportunities of those who live in the city center: we want to transform Cantiere Barca in an innovative and digital youth smart laboratory!
We want to connect within the city and take an interest in digital education. We want to show the youth the empowering and liberatory possibilities connected to a conscious use of Open Source technologies.
We want to integrate sustainability, digital fabrication, making and digital education to reconnect the urban fabric in the city!
Our aim is to talk about new ways of doing, respecting the human being in its complexity, thus his/her environment and social community, finding alternative ways to the growth-at-any-cost mantra we were forced to believe.”
[Cantiere Barca | Smart Youth Lab for Sustainability]