the built the unbuilt the unbuildable




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Commissioned by Milton Keynes Council: the A Festival of Creative Urban Living inaugural edition,

curated by raumlaborberlin



From September 26  – October 13: Midsummer Boulevard in central Milton Keynes will host the first ever ‘A Festival of Creative Urban Living’; bringing together artists, architects, designers, urban planners, thinkers, creatives and many others to deliver a free programme of exhibitions, events, creative workshops, performances and much more…

A Festival all around the idea of ‘The Built, The Unbuilt and The Unbuildable’ within an urban environment!



go to the official festival website for more information


The programme itself will take place in a temporary campus of remarkable and playful buildings and structures and you will find more information about each element here. Visitors will be able to enjoy and experience central MK in an entirely different way and think about what it might become and look like in the future!

Whilst the Festival campus will occupy the centre of the city’s infamous grid road, raumlabor have developed two other creative projects, with the sole aim of getting visitors out and about in MK, whilst also inviting residents to experience and visit different parts of the city.


The programme is quickly filling up!

Planned so far are:


a bike school, to boost confidence and become reacquainted with this wonderful method of transportation and take full advantage of  the expansive network of bike paths within Milton Keynes.


a meeting place, an open public space that invites visitors and locals to come together and have a cuppa, develop new ideas or have a chat. We’re currently looking for 10 ideas from MK to join us, so if you’re from MK and would like to start a knitting circle or re-start the tradition of a socialist choir or a robot dance society or a utopian book club, start an english breakfast research society and gather local expertise by cooking all variations you hear about, really, whatever is your fancy then sign up.


beds united, a project to connect both locals and visitors from the far afield districts of MK.


a utopia station,  run by teleinternetcafe, a space to develop your vision of MK in a large collaborative drawing.


as well as the winners of the open call!