Shabbyshabby Apartments

Munich beware! The legend strikes back:
Shabbyshabby Apartments!
Winners nominated now!
A design to build competition for architecture- and design collectives, students and enthusiatic builders around the world.



Lectures, Workshops

30.04.2015 – 18:00, Lecture

Polylemma – Architektonisches Handeln in überkomplexen Situationen

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Fakultät für Architektur Egon-Eiermann-Hörsaal, Markus Bader


28.04.2015 – 20:00, Talk / Book Presentation

Architektur / Öffentlicher Raum

Kassel, Buchpräsentation “Whats’s Next”, Tokonoma Apartment, Markus Bader
Markus Bader, Katja Mand, Moderation: Tilman Hatje


17./18.04.2015 – Lecture & Workshop

Acting in Public

Basel, Festival StattUtopie!, Andrea Hofmann


09.04.2015 – 16:00, Lecture

Space Experts

Aarhus School of Architecture, critic[RE]alities – Architecture Manifestos, Markus Bader


19.03.2015 – 15:25, Lecture & Symposium

Art Maker City

Køge, Absolutely Urban, Axel Timm


18.03.2015 – 19:00, Lecture

Architectures Mobiles

Paris, ENSA Paris-Belleville, Bellastock, Claire Mothais


12.03.2015 – 19:00, Talk

Art in the City!

Linz, Kulturquartier, OK Labor, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Peter Arlt


12.03.2015 – 19:00, Discussion

Das Tempelhofer Feld – Sehnsuchtsort des Stadtmenschen?

Berlin, Museum Neukölln, Rolf Lautenschläger (Journalist), Dieter Hoffmann-Axthelm (Stadthistoriker), Christof Mayer (raumlaborberlin), Jennifer Bell (Landschaftsplanerin), Moderation: Udo Gößwald.



Lotville – Landscape of Desire


raumlaborberlin has been invited to develop the “10éme Parcours d´art contemporain en vallée du Lot” north of Toulouse in July 2015. The project “Lotville” will become the underlying narrative for the parcours – it is raumlabors attempt to reintroduce urban visioning into the world of arts and architecture. Lotville is a contemporary perspective on Europes countryside in relation to urbanity. Lotville will be an exhibition and a set of interventions in the landscape and villages along the river Lot.



Keep in Touch




EMMAs Flughafenkiez Tour

EMMAs Kieztour möchte mit unterschiedlichen Formaten das Interesse an den Besonderheiten des Quartiers Flughafenstraße wecken, Möglichkeiten der Begegnung für unterschiedliche Bewohnergruppen schaffen und das besondere Potential verschiedener Orte im Quartier aktivieren.



Terrain vague

Workshop with raumlaborberlin
in context of UNIDEE – University of Ideas
28.09. – 02.10.2015
at Cittadellarte, Biella





OUT NOW: ART CITY LAB – New Spaces for Art!

Artistic production and the spaces available for this within the urban fabric have always played a valuable role in urbanization processes. Art City Lab takes Berlin as an example of such developments.



participative building

Building for us is a tool to create mutuality and to initiate engagement with spaces. Participatory build leads to different and often surprising questions and ideas on the concrete spaces, it helps on finding topics that affect the environment of people.


Fountain house

Reexamining the fountain: In contemporary urban as well as cultural discussions we see a renaissance of the idea of common space, in german either translated as „Allmende“ or „Gemeinschaft“ depending on a relationship towards (city) space or social structures.



RUSH HOUR REST STOP: Acknowledging everyday practices

Rush Hour Rest Stop is shelter built out of gutted shells of old cars. We were invited to Durban with no specific task or space given.



The City as a Sphere for Action

The Symposium at the end of the Osthang Project Summer School placed the recently completed Osthang campus into a larger context.