House of Time

invited by Triennale Bruges



in cooperation with Bolwerk, brugge voor jongeren



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Pictures by Raumlabor, Triennale bruges, Tom Leentjes




From the 8 to the 18 of July we will build “Mobile units for immaterial values”, the summer school is open for students and local kids and youth. Further informations you can find here: english version: House of time-summer school

dutch version: House-of-time-summer-school-NL (July 18)


The House of Time is situated in an unlikely pocket of space along the canals in Bruges; one of the few industrial sites in a historical port city. The House of Time reprograms and reactivates the factory area into a sphere of collective imagination, action and transformation. The house evolves slowly: it is a place developped in collaboration with local youngsters – through explorations, discussions, being together, testings and hanging out. During the Triennial, the place is open for all!



House of Time

We concieved it as an open place, home to local youth, but welcoming every-one. This colaboration was strongly carried and supported by our social partners from Bruges, from Bolwerk, as well as wonderful support from members of the Triennale team, making this exeptoinal work possible. After a period of common exploration of how the house might operate, the place now unfolds it’s own dynamics. The Art collective Kunstenal is acting as hosts over the weekends – spreading a warm atmosphere. We like this openness: the House of Time is one of possible community and togetherness. If you visit now, you see a snapshot in a process, planned to last three years. It started long before the Triennale, it runs through the Triennale and it will operate after. It is exploring the question what and for whom and with whom this island of beauty, calmness and otherness can be – in the city of Bruges. Thus, the house is and is in a process.


Microfactory for the production of Mobile Units for Immaterial Values

This is our second working title for the House of Time. Bruges is a city that has gone through signficant changes and fluctuations. From the richest city to the poorest, to the most touristic; from being decorated to being almost abandoned, to being the Belgian mecca for medieval charme, topped with chocolate and beer. With this background Bruges seems to be the perfect city to think about reinventing ourselves within a post-industrial society transitioning into a digital one. This moment of transformation creates many uncertainties, and we hope the House of Time will serve as a space for some reflectoins and re-positionings in navigating these large questions. In the House, we embrace permanent negotiations, flexibility as liberation, independence, freedom, self organisation, sharing, exchanging. The subjects are not as a fixed constructs, but fluid identities in permanent evolution.

In this mindset we set out to build small, self-contained objects, as playful searches for these subjectivities translated into the oposite – the object. Those objects connstructed can be described as mobile units for immaterial values – places for the ongoing construction of the self. They are places for exchanging, debating, finding, losing. Places full of errors, mistakes. Places of life.

A project by and for the Youth

In our meetings with local partners, we understand that there are many people and places in the city who take care of youngsters’ needs, support them and offer space to meet and spend time away from home. We see the House of Time/Microfactory for the Production of Mobile Units for Immaterial Values as a new player in the youngsters’ city map. As a place for the experimentation with their own ideas and a place to take over responsibility, we work together on equipping it with qualities that support the valuable work that is done throughout the city.


Structures of the now

How can we co-create moments, objects and spaces, that enhance a feeling for the present? How can the percieved intesity of the now be augmented? Our installations are explorers of these questions. They help us experience and sense and trenscend into other states of mind., where time and space interact in a new, exciting way. Here are some examples.



The House of Time offers a Hot Tub, including a neat changing room and a proper (cold) shower.




©Tom Leentjes

©Tom Leentjes


The Tree House

Inspired by the Renaissance concept of the studiolo, we included a special room in the residency: a space for meeting, contemplation, concentration, and self-emancipation. Its form is derived from the unique space in which it sits, but the studiolo is distinguished from its historical context; it appears as a new layer, protruding from the old windows, inviting visitors to consider the future.

The TreeHouse – Studiolo is created by special wish of the youngsters on site. We developped it in a dialogue exchange of drawings, model making and conversations. Now it’s there as a place to retreat and find calm moments together.



©Tom Leentjes

©Tom Leentjes


The Water Tank – The Sun

One of the many ideas concieved that did not make it into realisation is the sun on the water tank. Would it not be so nice, to climb up some steps to the top of the tank? To enjoy a moment of solitude inside the enormous man-made sun object befire dropping yourself into a darok hole, into a nightly pool to re-emerge kind of new-born?

Conceptual drawings of the “Fontain of Youth”





The Water Tank – An experimention space

Inside the tank, you find a unique atmosphere of removedness. the words “change your life now” speak to you in strong lihght, projected to the curved walls of the tower, you are in. A round bench along the side invites you to sit down ad spend a moment or more.




Work in process – mobile Units

In following workshops and summeschools, we are preparing to build more. Next could be mobile units – following the idea of the production of immaterial values.