tempelhof 2014

Berlin – Tempelhof 2014. Am 25.05.14 wird per Referendum darüber entschieden, ob das Tempelhofer Flugfeld bebaut werden darf oder nicht. Die mit der Planung Beauftragten aber auch Andere bringen kräftige Argumente in Stellung.



Osthang Project: Summer School

This summer the Osthang Project – International Summer School and Festival for Future Modes of Living Together is taking place on the underused plot of the Osthang, located amid the historically significant ensemble of the former artist colony Mathildenhöhe. As Summer School and festival it will bring together knowledge and experience from architecture, social and political science, economy, activism and art, as well as experimental building and experimental forms of living from around the world.



transmediale14- superstructure



HOTEL shabbyshabby

Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms are rarely places you’d gladly fall asleep or wake up in? They often present you with ghastly carpets,antiseptic surfaces, perfidious artworks and dreadfully decorated walls, not to mention a disappointing view and a catastrophic hotel bar. Is it so difficult to design a room where someone would enjoy spending a night? A room that offers a unique view, a divine bed and is as snug a beaver’s den?


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Lectures, Workshops

07.-27.07.2014, Summer School

Summer School for Experimental Building and New Public Spaces

Darmstadt, Osthang Project, Jan Liesegang


17.04.2014 – 18.00, Talk

temporary Architecture

Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Markus Bader


03.04.2014 – 18:00, Talk

Polylemma – Acting in Contested Fields

University of Sheffield, School of Architecture, Markus Bader


19.03.2014 – 19:00, Discussion

Make_Shift City: Renegotiating the Urban Commons

AEDES auf dem Pfefferberg, Berlin, Moderation Francesca Ferguson, mit Regula Lüscher, Leonie Baumann, Indy Johar, Markus Bader


21-22.02.2014, Konferenz


Basel, Schweiz

Die Teilnahme an der Konferenz ist kostenlos. Platzzahl ist begrenzt. Um Anmeldung unter “dasgute@raumlabor.org” wird gebeten.


01.12.2013-31.01.2014, Competition

HOTEL shabbyshabby

Mannheim, Theater der Welt 2014, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius


15.01.2014 – 19:00, Lecture

Stadt als Handlungsraum

Berlin, Beuth Hochschule, Andrea Hofmann


09.01.2014 – 14:00, Workshop

Neubau von Künstlerateliers: Organisation, Finanzierung, Projektentwicklung

Berlin, Bildhauerwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH, Andrea Hofmann, Christof Mayer, Axel Timm




28/06/2013, MONUMENTS

“Le 28.06.2013, la ville de Nantes fut conquise par l‘Art.”
“On the 28.06.2013, the city of Nantes was conquered by Art.”


The work „28.06.2013, MONUMENTS“ is a collaborative artistic research into the creation of a moment. It celebrates public urban spaces as the spaces for the unplanned occasional encounter with the other, the spaces where the urban culture of tolerance is refined. The open acessibility of the public spaces also makes them potential political spaces, which the work celebrates in a second layer.




Raumlabor’s ongoing engagement on the former airfield of Tempelhof ranges from long-term planning to temporary interventions on site. it displays our role as a link between the city and its inhabitants. This commitment demands to perform in changing roles to develop ideas for its future use.



Re-cycling, up-cycling, pre-cycling – we like to use materials with a story. We se the material world as a world of flows and transfigurations and our intervention in it aas a moment of diversion of these flows. We like to borrow stuff from the system of resource cycles, we like to cut short the cycles of resource – product – trash to explore ways to focus more on imagination and less on consumption of  ressources. In many project we use discarded materials as old doors, windows, furniture, bottles, car door to create new spaces. For temporary projects we extract elements form the production cycle and return them at the end of the projects.



The urban transformation process in the cities of the former GDR was for a long time framed as a process of shrinkage. Underlying to this is a fundamental change from a socialist to a capitalist economy. Workplaces were lost, career paths disrupted, social contexts dissolved. At the same time, the peaceful end of the socialist regime was the beginning of a big utopian hope to a society which is more inclusive, democratic, fair and free.




The GREATED FUTURES is a vision of a space in a post-oil-shock-scenario, where today merges with the past, by referring to metaphoric narratives of past visions of the future. It is shown as part of the exhibition “regress / progress” at the The Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. more

freund der moderne - vordach, installation von raumlaborberlin im bauhaus-archiv

Freund der Moderne – Vordach

One of the mayor legacies of modernist architecture is the slogans that made it into the everyday thinking of people towards space. Everybody is familiar with „Less is more“ and „Form follows Function“. The linearity of these arguments is illusive. Life is more than one sentence and Architecture is too. more


Das System

The System is a labyrinthine structure made of 223 doors from buildings that have been demolished in Halle-Neustadt. It opens up spaces to the visitors in unexpected ways, reflecting diverse aspects of our work. more


acting in public


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